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BBC Campout (2001)

Ostrich brings us these pictures from the BBC hosted campout for furs. The BBC is working on a show about furs and their activities, and hosted this campout to bring together as many furs as wanted to partake in the show. -Akea-

If anybody else has pics they'd like to place on OFC, send them along to Akeakami (That's me!) along with a short description/title/etc. and I'll be sure to get them posted ASAP. Now, here's the pics!

BBC Campout 2001: Pictures Courtesy of Ostrich!

Captions by Ostrich
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This is the BBC's Anna Nolan dressed as 'Roxie Raccoon'. Really cute :)

Tiny little cabins for tiny little Coons.

This enormous spider that built a web on our cabin porch.

Yiffy Pop, the Tragic Treat. This was perhaps the worst popcorn ever made. It actually caught fire, and smouldered slowly. Note the blackened area. Popcorn Chef is not my calling.

Fun by the pool.

"And the water comes out his mouth, so it's like he's puking on your enemies, you know?"

Wurragurr can drink large quantities of syrup.

Spank-a-Roo! The weekend was characterized by varied forms of Roo abuse.