Ohio Fur Central Presents

A Report on Marcon 36 (2001)

Well, despite the problems encountered in setting up some furry panels at Marcon 36 in Columbus, Ohio, I have to say the con itself was quite fun. Where else can you ride up in an elevator with Dr. Demento and Peter Woodward? Treads Lightly and I had some fun making some Pawpet North Coast videos for Rapid T. Rabbit & Friends. Look for them later in the year on the Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends Show, rebroadcast 6:30 PM Sunday night on the Internet via www.pawpet.org.

I took both my digital camera and my new digital video camera (thank you tax refund from the new house! :-) and hardly took any pictures at all! Sheesh! Fortunately Treads was far more photographic than I and thus we have the pictures below.

If anybody else has Marcon pics they'd like to place here, send them along to Akeakami (That's me!) along with a short description/title/etc. and I'll be sure to get them posted ASAP. Now, here's the pics!

Marcon 36 Pictures Courtesy of Treads Lightly!

Captions by Akeakami
Click on the image for a full size pic!

Columbus had several rainshowers while we were there. But since everything was under one roof, it bothered the attendees only when they wanted to head out for somethihg other than convention food fair, like here at the North Market.

Harmless the gryphon and unidentified friend. She's probably asking if gryphons really do have ears?

The Klingons were there in force with their jail. Be careful, or you might get arrested, too!

Yes, sir, Mr. Predator, sir...we'll be good!

THe masquerade was open to all. Here's some of the contestants...we need more fursuits here!! :)

A fairie flirt...

Excellent period costume pieces!

Skunks are us?

Harmless wasn't the only gryphon present...but we only saw him during the masquerade.

If this isn't Mark Twain, he does a good job of faking it!

A minotaur too sexy for his bod!

A Highlander performance...with steel.

A neo Neo in a Matrix inspired costume.

Costume recreations from the Prisoner of Zelda

Rapid T. Rabbit performing during the Masquerade while the judges were off deciding.

Rapid T. Rabbit meets his fans!

How do you eat in a bunny suit?

"Is your name Harvey?"

This is the rabbit trail...

"Can I keep him, Mom?"

Stargazer, the Blue Glow! (Doo Wah!!)

Hey, don't pull on that. You don't know what it might be attached to!

"Would you be my royal astronomer?"

Stargazer's in his element now...we couldn't get him to leave!

A Star Wars character...I think from the Death Star judging by the armpatch.

Waiting for the elevator...a common event at this con. :)